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Przekątna ekranu: 80″ / 100″ / 120″
Dostępne powierzchnie: ALR LT / ALR Lite / ALR /
Matt White HD Pro / Matt Grey HD Pro

LIOTM (Leica Image Optimization)

The Cine 1 benefits from Leica’s many years of expertise in the field of digital image optimization. Leica’s own image processing (Leica Image Optimization – LIO™) optimizes the image with special algorithms and thus achieves particularly natural color rendition, richly detailed color gradation and an outstanding contrast ratio.

  • Best-in-class Leica Summicron lens, LIOTM and industry-leading triple RGB- laser technology for exceptional home cinema experiences.
  • Outstanding 4k imaging performance at 100" or 120" image projection.
  • Purist and timeless Leica design with a unique automatic dust cover in a premium aluminum housing adds value to every living room – like a Bauhaus design piece.
  • Next-level connectivity with Smart TV and integrated TV Tuner replaces the traditional TV.
  • Built-in powerful 50W Dolby Atmos speakers and modern connectivity make the first Leica Cinema TV an all-round home entertainment system.
Up to 120” large image projection

Powered by cutting-edge triple laser technology with a guaranteed lifetime of over 25.000 hours and with significantly lower energy consumptions than OLED TV’s.

Puristic Leica design language:

The durable, silver premium aluminum housing with the automatic dust cover ensures the best lens protection.

Outstanding 4k imaging performance

Delivered by Leica Summicron ultra-short throw lens supported by powerful, built-in Dolby Atmos audio.

Connectivity at the highest level:

Integrated TV tuner for linear TV. The Google Smart TV Launcher, respectively VIDAA or Android, for streaming entertainment. Hard drives or additional players such as Blu-ray players or game consoles can be connected via the integrated HDMI and USB inputs.

Szeroki kąt widzenia 140°

120-calowy ekran z powierzchnią ALR daje ponad 140° kąt widzenia, przy zachowaniu wysokiej jednorodności wyświetlanego obrazu. W połączeniu z laserowym projektorem ultrakrótkiego rzutu osiąga efekt gigantycznego laserowego TV!


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